Driving Made Simple!
Driving Made Simple!



Will it be the year you become a driver?

Learning to drive can change your life! Freedom, independance and mobility!

Good for job opportunities too.

Great shame and sadness about this Covid19 virus, not been able to do any driving lessons for several months from March lockdown, which made sense.  In July should be able to start doing some lessons with PPE.

Trailers: if you passed your test after 1997 you are limited in what you can tow.  To tow larger trailers you need to pass your B+E test.  You can then tow for leisure, pleasure or for work.  Plan ahead - if you're thinking of doing your B&E it can take a while to get a test date!  I have stopped doing trailers but my friend and colleague Denis is based nearer Carlisle, where the B&E test centre is, and he has one of the highest pass rates.  He is really good at B&E training!  Contact him early to get going: Solway!

Motorbikes! the Real Rider motocycle training business has had several great years!  CBT and all Test categories available, 2019 Test pass rate almost 90%!  Me Denis & Andy have been doing really well since 2016 - getting lots of folk onto two wheels.

2020 - make it an exciting driving year!

Let me know how I can help you. Let's keep it simple but effective!  Unfortunately with this virus lockdown restriction, I can't do any car lessons, and DVSA aren't doing any tests either.  Hopefully things will eventually change.


Here's a link to my Privacy Policy.  Please download it and read it.  I only use your data in a correct way to provide you with my services.  I don't use your data or share it with anyone else for marketing.

Learner drivers on motorways!

Since June 1918, I can take you for a lesson on the M6: useful experience for your future driving.  Motorway lessons are entirely voluntary but I'd recommend them!  Develop your knowledge and experience now instead of leaving it until after passing your test.

Learners can only go on motorways with an ADI in a car with dual controls.

Great pass by Matt in sunny Carlisle: looking happy and relieved! Well done!

Jack passes 1st time!

Jack passes first time - well done! First test in 2018 and sat nav and other changes all fine.
New Theory test Centre in Kendal

Theory test centre in Kendal

DVSA Theory Test Centre

Since August 2016 you can take your Theory Test in Kendal.  Better than having to go to Barrow, Carlisle or Preston!  Click the car above to book your Theory.

Theory Test Centre in Kendal.
New Yeti, new driver! Good first time pass for James!
Catherine does a good drive & passes first time with just 1 minor fault!
Chris looking very smart & happy he's passed!
Motorcycle training very busy!


Get a free, personal copy of the official Highway Code when you've done 5 hours, helpful to use on lessons and for your Theory Test revision.

Also get a free copy of "Know Your Traffic Signs" after your 6th hour.

Learn with me and I'll help you with the whole process of driving tests and beyond.



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Keeping it Simple!

Fun & Effective Learning!

• Learn safely
• At your own pace
• An enjoyable, calm style
• You 'drive' the process
• Lots of choice & flexibility
• Great test preparation
• Easily pass your test!

Driving lessons in and around Kendal, Burneside, Staveley, Milnthorpe.

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