Driving Made Simple!
Driving Made Simple!

Beyond the Test! Post-Test Driving

Learning and developing your skills doesn't have to end when you've passed your test!

PassPlus: Cumbria County Council support this post-test module with a £100 voucher for new drivers.  6 hours covering a wide variety of roads and conditions.  Night driving, city centre, country lanes and motorways.  Widen and deepen your experience, and it may even give you a small insurance discount.


Motorway Module:  a 4hr session on motorway driving. Covers basic knowledge and skills, journey planning, emergencies, navigation, risk factors, SMART motorways.  We usually head down toward Manchester experiencing the busier conditions and some of the 'odd' junctions. Learn to drive on the roads that you've not driven on before! Safest roads in the UK, but if it goes wrong, it goes wrong badly because of the high speeds. You need to know what you're doing.


New Driver Health Check:  a 2hr assessment drive and review. Taken around 2-6 months after passing, and can be done more than once! The aim is to check for any 'bad habits' developing. Am I still driving at 'Test Standard'? Am I still safe? Am I getting blasé about certain aspects? Also a chance to reflect and discuss any 'interesting' real world driving incidents/issues that have cropped up. It's a supportive and encouraging session not a 'telling off'! It checks and reinforces the basic good habits coupled with analysis of your experience of driving solo. A final report is completed producing a score for your driving, with detailed feedback and points to focus and work on.


Refresher Sessions:  an increasing number of people learn to drive and pass their test, but then don't start regular driving straight away, either for personal circumstances or perhaps the cost of insurance at a young age.

If you haven't driven for a while but now want to get going again, it's a really good idea to do some refresher sessons.  Re-cap, re-engage, remember!  And do it safely.

We can cover whatever areas you wish so that you are confident and capable to go solo.  Parking, fast main roads, motorways, town-centres, basic routines or whatever you need.


Advanced skills: if you've been driving for a while, get an assessment and then take it to the next level.  A systematic approach to observation and car control to improve your driving.  Based on the methods used by IAM/RoSPA and the Police.


Driver Assessments: could you pass your test again?  What bad habits have you developed over the years?  Take our enjoyable Driver Assessment Module for an objective report on your driving skills!  Are you still safe?  Any definite weaknesses?  What could you do to improve your drive?  Get practical tips and feedback to lower the amount of risk, lower your stress and increase your pleasure in driving.  Re-discover the joys of driving.

(Can make a good present for a loved one!)

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