Driving Made Simple!
Driving Made Simple!


Learning to Drive

Learning to drive - made simple!

I've been developing my understanding, skills and knowledge of learning for many years, with a wide variety of people.  I bring a lot of experience to the task of learning to drive, which enables me to keep it simple!


L - drivers

Duration: Flexible lessons. Usually 2 hours is standard, giving plenty of time to develop and practice the skills, but it's your choice: an hour, 1.5 hrs, 2 hrs, half-day or full-on intensive.  You choose!

Pick up: from home, school, college, work etc and drop off wherever is convenient. Yes, you can use your driving lessons as a 'taxi' service as well, I don't mind!  One of the joys of driving - go where you need to without hassle.

Style: lessons are based on YOU and your learning style. Plenty of actual doing of course, spiced up with some thinking, demonstrations and discussion.  I provide a supportive, fun and enjoyable atmosphere helping you to learn at your own pace, with whatever input you need.

Choice: You choose from a clear 'menu' what topic we do next, how we do it and when we move on. You may also be starting from scratch or have previous driving experience in some form or other.  You may have failed a test before and need a fresh approach.

Wherever you're 'starting' from I'm flexible and supportive and can tailor my approach to suit your needs.

Topics: When introducing a new topic, manoeuvres, junctions etc, you can choose how we tackle it.  Difefrent people work best in different ways.  Choose you preferred YETI learning style!


We will cover all the elements needed to enable you to pass your test, and to feel confident and safe behind the wheel.  Driving is a skill for life, so you don't want to just scrape through and then feel scared about actually driving on your own!


The content is based on the National Driving Standards, produced by the DSA - the folk who set the tests!  The order we do things within each 'course' is largely up to you - for each lesson, choose from the menu!


Entrées - Control

Start, stop, steer, scream, gears, brakes etc


Starters - Road

Simple junctions, hazard procedure M-S-M, hills, B-roads, other road users, etc



Roundabouts, crossroads, town centre, A-roads, Dual-carriageways, etc



Manoeuvres: reverse round a corner, parallel parking, bay parking, turn in the road, angle start

Emergency stop



Car maintenance, journey planning, crashing (how to avoid!), weather, darkness, breakdowns, motorway theory


Coffee & Mints

The practical driving test!



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Keeping it Simple!

Fun & Effective Learning!

• Learn safely
• At your own pace
• An enjoyable, calm style
• You 'drive' the process
• Lots of choice & flexibility
• Great test preparation
• Easily pass your test!

Driving lessons in and around Kendal, Burneside, Staveley, Milnthorpe.