Driving Made Simple!
Driving Made Simple!

Driving lessons in Kendal and South Lakeland - let's get going!

Hello!  I'm Martin Wise an Approved Driving Instructor based in Kendal.  If you want to get driving, I can get you going safely, quickly and simply sometimes!  Can be busy and full for a while at times.  Evil virus backlog means backlog of folk and I'm currently full.


Millions of people drive cars every day in the UK - it can't be that hard, can it?  I don't believe learning to drive has to be tricky, hard, or nerve-wracking!  Let's keep it simple and enjoyable!


Yes, there's definitely a few things to know and control skills to practice but it's really not that complicated. You can practice the skills and techniques until you're happy and confident. Pretty soon you will be able to do them all on your own.


I offer an effective, fun and simple route to gaining your licence.

With many years of experience and a really good understanding of how people learn new skills I can make the process simple and flexible so you learn quickly and easily.


Once you are happy driving in all the usual situations, we will be getting ready for the dreaded Driving Test!! Build on a firm foundation and it's just a simple drive around town with a friendly examiner.  If you show them you know what you're doing and you're safe, they will happily give you a driving licence!


Whether you're new to driving, done some before or need a fresh approach having previously failed a test, I can help. Simply contact me to book any of my services or with any questions - I look forward to hearing from you!  It'll be fun!

Driving Made Simple: my services

From your first lesson, through the Tests and beyond! Packages, Refresher lessons, Intensives, PassPlus, Motorways, and Advanced.  I used to do B+E trailer training but have stopped doing that now.  I do motorcycle training as Real Riders in Barrow.  2 wheels, or 4 - I can get you going!  Find out more:


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Keeping it Simple!

Fun & Effective Learning!

• Learn safely
• At your own pace
• An enjoyable, calm style
• You 'drive' the process
• Lots of choice & flexibility
• Great test preparation
• Easily pass your test!

Driving lessons in and around Kendal, Burneside, Staveley, Milnthorpe.